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Brisbane Removal Prepackers


Save time and stress in your next move. Trust in Packing4Move's professional Brisbane prepack service to carefully and efficiently get your home ready to move. Whether you need help with your full home, or the fragile items, we have the experience and know how to get it done


When the move is all over, the work is just beginning! Let us help with one of the most unwelcome parts of moving, unpacking. One service we can provide is an unpack to the bench top where we assist in rapidly emptying boxes and leaving your house free of bulky boxes.


Don't worry about the difference between a 'standard',  'bookie' and a 'portie', nor waste your time searching for paper, bubble wrap, tape and other required packing materials. When you hire Packing4Moves to assist, we come with all required packing materials!


Packing4Moves is an independent, female owned Brisbane packing team. Wherever in Brisbane you are moving we are able to assist with prepacking and unpacking services​, regardless of what removalist you are using.

With industry experience and countless tricks learned over the years, Packing4Moves will pack your home efficiently, safely and greatly relieve the stress associated with the removals process.

Whether you are moving locally, or interstate, our methods will ensure your treasured belongings are packed safely, and orderly.


Perfectly done, very helpful and did the job right. Would highly recommend for house moves.

Harry D

Kangaroo Point