Removals Prepacking

Successful packing is one of the keys to ensuring a smooth and trouble free move. Properly packing for your removal can mean the difference between your treasured belongings arriving intact or not. Efficient pre-packing can mean saving time and money in the removal process. 

Full house pack

Let Packing4Moves be your Brisbane packing service of choice, and carry out a full prepack of your Brisbane home. Using a variety of high quality packing materials, we will carefully wrap fragile items in butchers paper or bubble wrap and box them up for safe transport. Other areas of your home will be packed and labelled according to contents and location. Delicate items like art work, computers, lamps and more packed for transport using special materials and techniques.


Fragile only pack

Have you taken care of packing books, clothing, linen and other non fragile items, but don't know where to start with kitchenware, lamps, ornaments and other fragile items. If you're in Brisbane, Packing4Moves can happily assist with these items, professionally wrapping and packing them to ensure maximum safety in the removal.


Organised packing

Our packing process will ensure your removal is smoother and more organised than otherwise. As we pack, we carefully label all boxes according to their destination room. We leave packed boxes neatly stacked 2-3 high for an easy uplift by your removalists. Your removalists will thank you for making their job more efficient and easier, and you'll thank us for saving you time and money.  


Brisbane prepacking subcontractors 

Do you run a removals company and require packing subcontractors? Whether you are based in Brisbane, or interstate, we can assist in packing and unpacking according to the standards of the TOLL, Kent and Move Dynamics systems, or perform a VIP prepack for your most valued clients. 

Let's Make Packing Easy

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