When packing for your move in Brisbane, remember our top tips to ensure that things go as smooth as possible

Packing 101

Use YouTube and other resources to get a quick crash course on packing techniques. Whilst only a Brisbane packing professional or a seasoned mover will know all the tricks, many of the basics like packing plates on their side and glasses vertically, using scrunched up paper as cushioning and void fill, and packing boxes flush to the top but not overflowing are essential to know and can be learned by viewing videos.

Quality Materials

Too often people overlook the value of quality moving materials and choose to use assorted boxes, of varying quality, often obtained from supermarkets, hospitals and other places that receive bulk products. Whilst saving money on boxes may seem a good idea, in the long run it may turn out costing more when taking in to account damaged items, and the additional time it takes to carry out a removal when dealing with inconsistently sized and structurally unsound boxes. Packing4Moves will provide quality materials on all our jobs.

Priority Box

Imagine the frustration of moving to a new place and not being able to find key items like hardware and tools to assemble furniture, keys to locking cabinets, basic first aid items, tea and snacks or even toilet paper. Always designate a box as the 'last minute' or 'priority' box. This should be clearly marked and be one of the last items put on the truck, so it is one of the first to come off. 

Don't Forget the Cold Stuff

In many moves one of the most overlooked areas to pack is the refrigerator. Only when the removalists area ready to take the fridge do people remember that it is still full of chilled and frozen food. Whilst the most ideal plan is to minimise the accumulation of food in the lead up to a move, make sure to have enough cooler bags, eskies and bagged ice to keep remaining food safe.